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Gold Rush Hardware Pack - 1.25" / 1.5" Panhead

Gold Rush Hardware Pack - 1.25" / 1.5" Panhead

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Panhead custom designed hardware, specific for Old School, Cruiser & Longboard Setups.

1.25” / 1.5” Old School/Cruiser/Longboard bolts to be used with larger Riser Pads.

(8) Gold Painted Bolts & Nuts

Partial Threaded
Every bolt in our lineup, no matter what size or color, is partial threaded for durability and cohesive aesthetics.
Partial threading helps prevent bending and breaking.

Partial Painted
Our unique bolt painting process puts the paint where you want it and off from where you don’t. No paint on the threading allows for a tighter, snug fit.

High Quality Oil Paint
A higher quality, Premium oil paint finish on every bolt and nut. Vibrant and longer lasting than the more common anodized option

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